Walnut Derby
Cane #2 (Walnut Derby)

Episodes: 20
  • Wood cane made of Walnut
  • Derby handle for comfort and style
  • Silver collar for that added flair
  • Shaft is slightly tapered
  • Manufacturer: Harvy Canes
  • Nicknamed "The Citizen" by Hugh Laurie (see below)
First Appearance:
House visits Cameron in an attempt to convince her to come back to work for him. She notices his new cane and he praises its "slimming" qualities, but no real explanation is ever given for the replacement of the old cane.
Wilson has been staying at House's apartment. House has been playing pranks on him day and night and practically begging Wilson to get him back. Wilson finally takes him up on the offer by filing House's cane halfway through, which causes it to break later in the day. A startled and baffled House collapses to the ground as his support snaps out from under him.
Guilty Party: Wilson "Someone must have filed halfway through your cane while you were sleeping." - Wilson
Last Appearance:
The last time we see the cane, House has wrapped it in a cast to make it through the rest of the day.
Continuity In the episode Three Stories, House flashes back to past events. In this flashback scene we see Cane #2 leaning against his desk - however, this case most likely took place long before he ever got this cane. Fortunately, any continuity errors in this episode are excused by House's statement that "time is not a fixed construct", but it's still worth a mention.
Fun Stuff One of the actual canes used on the show was auctioned for charity and included a funny little card handwritten by Hugh Laurie himself. In his dedication we learn that this cane had a name: The Citizen ("Citizen Cane").

The full text is as follows:
I hereby certify that this
cane was used in Season
2 of "House" to occasionally
humorous and/or dramatic
effect - I call it "The Citizen"
Hugh Laurie

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