Latest Update: 3/31/2013:
House has ended! I will be updating one last time to tie
everything up. I'm shooting for late April. Thank you to
the creators and actors of HOUSE for a wonderful show!

Now available in six languages!

Want to make it seven? e-mail me!

Primary Canes

1st Cane   Antique Opera
2nd Cane   Walnut Derby
3rd Cane   Walnut Tourist
4th Cane   Folding Adjustable
5th Cane   Flame Cane
6th Cane   Maple Horn
7th Cane   Rosewood Tourist
Items of Interest

alpacca   Alpacca Harvest
deathshead   Death's Head
quad   Quad Cane
wheelchair   Wheelchair
crutch   Forearm Crutch
offset   Aluminum Offset
other canes   Other Items
Special Features

nothing   Cane-Free!
bombshells   Bombshells
cane uses   A Cane's Many Uses
shopping   The Cane Shop
trivia   Cane Trivia
fan   Fan Corner

News and Special Announcements

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