The Cane Shop
links to the best deals on [almost] all of House's canes!

Fashionable Canes
This online store sells several of House's canes, but one of them can be found a lot cheaper at another site. Fashionable Canes claims that they have supplied House with some of the actual canes seen on the show, including the Flame Cane and the Maple Horn. The latter is listed as a limited edition, so if you want one you'll have to act fast.

I have purchased four canes from this website and they seem to be very reliable (even if their spell checker isn't). They will trim your cane to the desired length at no extra charge and the order usually arrives at your door within about a week via UPS.

You can see the complete list of House's canes that they offer or use the links to the right to go directly to the one you want. All links open in a new browser tab.

Update: This site has now started carrying a whole range of carbon fiber Flame Canes, which is pretty cool, but if you want exactly what House used, it's the first one (with the picture of House), as directly linked here.

**Beware! The Alpacca cane that they sell at this site can be purchased a lot cheaper elsewhere. See below!**

Walking Equipment
Here you can find the Alpacca Silver cane for a whopping $77.50 less than they'll charge you at Fashionable Canes. Shipping's a bit slow because it's a special order, but you can't beat the price.

I looked around for something resembling House's 4th Cane and purchased this Hugo cane from Amazon. Upon close inspection I am certain that it is the correct cane. However, you'll have to buy the cherry wood handle separately from Hugo's website. The Hugo site also sells the canes, but they're a lot cheaper at Amazon.

Hugo Canes
The folding cane above only comes with a black handle, but the manufacturer sells a replacement cherry wood handle as seen on House's cane. You want the Sedona model seen in the top row. The logo painted on the handle comes off with a bit of light scraping.

Antique Cane World
You can have your very own Antique Vinters Cane - and it won't even cost you $900! There's one going at this online antique retailer for only $650 - what a bargain! It's missing the corkscrew but it does have a space for one in the handle. There's no way to be sure it's the one House had since we never saw his, but it is a genuine Vintners cane nonetheless.

Fashionable Canes (again)
House would probably prefer that you didn't count these items among his own personal canes, but just in case you're looking for them anyway, Fashionable Canes sells them.

Here you will find the Quad Cane (make sure you select the chrome option if you want exactly what House had to put up with), the only slightly less hideous Aluminum Offset Cane, the Marilyn-Manson-in-a-retirement-home Skull Walking Stick, and yes, they even have the Bull Penis cane. Just remember: Penis canes are murder! If you still want one, they're available in two varieties: cane (crook handle, pictured) or walking stick (straight).

Unfortunately, it seems the 1st Cane is going to be a tricky one to find. The replicas made for the show to replace the destroyed original were probably a custom job, either made to order in small quantity from a manufacturer or built by the show's own prop department. They might even have rescued the handle and attached it to a new shaft - this seems most likely. Whatever the case may be, a mass-produced exact copy probably does not exist. But all hope is not lost... you could always try to make your own. That's what I did!