Aluminum Offset
Aluminum Offset Cane

Episodes: 5
(so far)
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Offset handle provides greater stability, centering grip over shaft
  • Padded foam grip for extra comfort
  • Adjustable height shaft
  • Available for purchase at Fashionable Canes
First Appearance:
The Greater Good
House's 6th Cane has been stolen! Cuddy is seeking revenge on House for forcing her to come back to work instead of staying home with her new baby. As part of her ploy, she (or someone working for her) steals his cane, leaving him to find various substitutes.

This cane, made from anodized aluminum, features what is called an offset handle. The padded grip is centered over the shaft, making it sturdier and better-balanced. It's high on function, but low on style. In fact, you might recognize this type of handle from the monstrous Quad Cane that House got stuck with twice before.

Where that all-important Cool Factor is concerned, this cane is only a small step up from the Quad. Fortunately for House, Cuddy sees the error of her ways and returns Cane #6 to him the next day. Upon collecting his rightful property, he deposits Aluminum Offset unceremoniously in a passing mail cart, [hopefully] never to be seen again.

Second Appearance:
The Softer Side
For the first time since Season 3, House gets a teasing taste of the painless life in this episode when he starts taking methadone. Unfortunately, the lack of misery impairs his judgement; at least that's the reason he gives when he tells Cuddy that he is quitting the methadone. He's already thrown away Cane #6, so he has to use Aluminum Offset once more when the pain returns.
Third Appearance:
Locked In
Aluminum Offset is getting a lot of use these days. This time, House has crashed his motorcycle and temporarily misplaced Cane #7 (it returns later in the episode). While in the hospital, he takes interest in another patient. Much of the episode is filmed from the patient's blurry point of view, so this is the best shot we get of Aluminum Offset this time.
Fourth Appearance:
House is at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital for most of this episode, and while there he is once again using an Aluminum Offset cane. It isn't really clear why he doesn't just keep Walnut Tourist. If he were going to hit someone with a cane, Aluminum Offset is actually a little bit harder and heavier - however, it wouldn't break and splinter to a lethally sharp point, as a wooden cane could. This was probably the primary reason for the switch.
Brief Cameo:
House, staying with Wilson since his return from Mayfield, has returned to his apartment to pick up some guitars and other items. He has a nice little collection of canes and walking sticks leaning up against the couch, including Aluminum Offset, the long absent Alpacca Harvest, and some walking sticks I'm still working to identify.