Folding Adjustable
Cane #4 (Folding Adjustable)

Episodes: 14
  • Manufacturer: Hugo Canes
  • Adjustable height aluminum shaft
  • Interchangeable cherry wood handle
  • Four hollow segments held together by elastic can separate and fold for compact storage
  • Wood handle screws off and can be changed. Hugo sells a wide range of handles in several different colors and shapes.
  • Cherry wood handle must be purchased separately. Cane comes with black handle.
  • Although described as "silver" in color by the manufacturer, it actually has a fairly dark greyish tint closer to iron or lead.
First Appearance:
House has been stuck with a monstrous Quad Cane after a physical therapist confiscated Cane #3. When he spots a hospital visitor with a better cane waiting for an elevator, he swindles the man into trading with him.
Demise and Last Appearance:
House has been talked into taking care of Hector, Wilson's ex-wife's dog. Hector chews on everything, including House's cane. The handle, weakened by the chewing, gives out half-way through the day, once again sending House tumbling to the ground.

(If House had bothered to do any research, he might have discovered that a replacement handle could be purchased online. Then again, House doesn't seem the type to replace cane handles, and he can't exactly go without the cane until the replacement arrives. Besides, if he had just gotten the old one fixed, he might never have had the wonderful Flame Cane!)
Guilty Party: Hector "He's had a long life. It's his time." - House
Variations Observed:
When an important prop is used in a TV show or movie, it is usually wise to have duplicates as backup in case one is damaged or lost. With most of House's canes it is almost impossible to identify the duplicates because they are too similar. With Cane #4, however, it's easy to spot them if you know where to look.

Because of the way the interchangeable handles screw onto the shaft, the height adjustment holes and button can be at any one of four positions relative to the handle. If you look closely, you can see that the handle of House's cane has been at every possible angle. Here we see the adjustment button at the front, left, back, and right.

Continuity These variations open up the possibility of continuity errors that absolutely nobody on this planet should ever be bored and picky enough to notice. I present evidence of my need to get out more: there is just such an error in the very first appearance of Cane #4.

As you can see, in one shot the adjustment is on the left, but in another shot it is at the back. Oops!

There are probably plenty of other such errors, but I'll leave them for you to find.