Episodes: 2 (so far)
  • Standard lightweight manual wheelchair
  • Black, probably aluminum
  • Usually used by people with paralysis or injury to both legs
  • Cool gloves are optional
First Appearance:
Needle In A Haystack
House's parking space has been issued to a new doctor in an electric wheelchair. House argues with Cuddy that it is harder for him to walk with a cane across the parking lot than it is for the other doctor to push a joystick and roll the same distance. Cuddy refuses to give in, so House makes a bet that he can stay in a wheelchair for a week if she will give him back his parking space. He comes in rolling the next day, baffling his ducklings.
Last Appearance:
Needle in a Haystack
Cuddy has discovered that House forfeited on the deal when he got out of the chair briefly to crash his patient's surgery, but House guilts her with evidence that she never intended to give back the parking space. Confident that the guilt will win her over, House abandons the wheelchair on the sidewalk and leaves with Wilson.
Brief Cameo:
House and Cuddy are on a business trip. House brilliantly brought along his antique Vintner's cane with a corkscrew in the handle, which has been confiscated by airport security. House gets a free ride in a bulky airport wheelchair until he boards the plane, and he'll get his cane back when they land.

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