The Quad Cane
Quad Cane

Episodes: 2 (so far)
  • Aluminum cane with quad base
  • Offset, padded handle
  • Shaft is height-adjustable
  • The quad base and offset handle are both designed with stability in mind
  • This cane is recommended only for people who have extreme difficulty walking due to weakness and poor balance.
  • For someone who moves quickly, as House does, the quad base carries a high risk of tripping the user. It is therefore impractical and even potentially dangerous for him to be using it.
  • House absolutely despises these canes and uses them only as a last resort or when forced
First Appearance:
Cane #3 has been confiscated by a physical therapist treating House's sore shoulder. She has given him the Quad Cane and forced him to use it on the left side. While it is generally recommended that a cane is used in the hand opposite the injured leg, personal preference varies, and House prefers it on the right. He spots a hospital visitor with what will soon be Cane #4 and trades canes before the man really has a chance to argue.
Second Appearance:
Cane #4 has been destroyed by Hector, Wilson's old dog. House has picked up a quad cane from somewhere in the hospital to use until he gets a chance to buy Cane #5 just a few scenes later.
Next Appearance:
For House's sake, we can only hope that the Quad Cane will not come back.