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Candy Canes

Appear in several,
featured in 1
Damned If You Do
This exchange takes place early in the episode as House enters his office followed by his team and sees that it has been decorated for the holidays. He spots a display of candy canes and jumps on the opportunity to humiliate poor Cameron.

House: "What the hell are those?"
Cameron: "Candy canes."
House: (offended) "Candy canes? Are you mocking me?"
Cameron: (flustered) "N- no, it's Christmas, and I- I- I thought--"
House: "Relax. It's a joke."

Antique Vinters Cane

Never Seen,
in 1
Airborne [S03-E18]
  • Handcrafted Antique Walking Stick
  • Cost House $900
  • Taken from him by airport security because it had a corkscrew in the handle, but he'll get it back after the flight.
  • Designed more for fashion than support
These canes or walking sticks were hand-crafted many years ago and each one is unique. Very little information about them can be found online, so it is virtually impossible to determine what House's cane looks like. However, there is one for sale on an antique site that can give some idea of what House's cane might be. This particular model is missing the corkscrew, but it does have the screw-off handle where one could be concealed.

A cane with a knob handle, sometimes referred to as a walking stick, would be very uncomfortable for long-term use as an actual walking aid. This one seems very thin and has probably grown fragile with age. The metal tip, or ferrule, would slip easily on any smooth surface. It would not be practical for House's needs. Perhaps his cane had a more traditional handle and tip, but we'll probably never know for sure.
Bull Penis Cane

Episodes: 1
Yes, it exists, and yes, it really is what it says it is. Often referred to as the more polite "Bull Organ", it is indeed the penis of a bull, sanitized, stretched over a metal wire, and preserved. It's quite the conversation piece and is available as a cane (crook handle, pictured) or a walking stick (straight).

House encountered this cane at the oddities shop where he would eventually find his beloved Flame Cane. He thought it looked cool until he found out what it was. "Penis canes are murder," he replied, handing it back to the shopkeeper and continuing his search.
Silver Skull Walking Stick

Episodes: 1
Family [S03-E21]

TV Guide, February 4th, 2008
Also encountered while House is shopping for a new cane is this silver-handled walking stick featuring a skull. House dismisses it as being too "Marilyn Manson in a retirement home" and moves on.

Or does he?

We only ever see him later with the Flame Cane on the show, but in this TV Guide photo shoot he has the Skull walking stick again. Maybe he went back and got it later?

Thanks to Taylor16 for showing me this TV Guide cover!
Fancy Dress Walking Stick

Episodes: 1
Known Unknowns [S06-E07]
House attends an 80s costume party dressed in an outfit suspiciously reminiscent of something you'd find in Blackadder III (he claims they weren't specific about which century's 80s they should be dressing for). Along with the costume he carries a black walking stick with a fancy knob handle. It's hard to get a good look at it in the episode, but in this promo pic we can see that it has a gold and pearl or opal design. It's probably not likely that they'd use an antique piece, but I'm still working on finding a match at an online retailer. If anyone has further info, please e-mail me.

Thanks to housian daze and bonorattle for the promo pics!
Unidentified Walking Sticks

Episodes: 1
Wilson [S06-E10]
House has brought his cane collection to Wilson's apartment, and along with the familiar Alpacca Harvest and Aluminum Offset there are two walking sticks that were probably previously seen in the umbrella stand by House's front door but have never been seen any more clearly than this. I'm working to identify them. As always, any tips are welcomed and can be e-mailed to me.

Mystery Costume Cane

Episodes: 1
Knight Fall [S06-E18]
House and Thirteen attend a Renaissance Fair in costume to search for clues to their patient's illness. House is using some sort of medium colored wood cane with a small handle, possibly made of horn or bone. Believe it or not, this is the best shot we ever get of it. It looks like it might have the same basic shape of a popular root-handled style of cane, but I haven't yet found one in these colors.

Mysterious White Cane

Episodes: 0

TV Guide, September 12, 2004
(Never seen on the show)
This photo shoot for a TV Guide blurb depicts House, Wilson and Foreman dressed in white and placed in a set of almost exclusively white medical props. House is holding a white cane, but there are a few quirks about it.

It's hard to make out any details among all the blinding white, but the handle looks very short. It could be an opera, T, or fritz (similar to derby) handle. Stranger still is the end - it does not appear to have a rubber tip of any sort.

The quality of the photo makes it virtually impossible to figure out exactly what we're looking at, but it's probably just a hastily thrown together piece of wood or plastic that was never intended to be anything more than a prop for this photo. Even so, it's a cane and it's in House's possession, so it deserves a place at this site.
Unknown Maple(?) Cane

Episodes: 0

DVD Box Set
Seasons 1-5
(Never seen on the show)
The DVD Box Set released on August 25, 2009 features a cane on the outer box artwork. It is a Tourist cane of a maple coloring, but it is definitely NOT Maple Horn.

For one thing, the handle curves in much more, and it does not appear to have the polished piece of buffalo horn at the end. The rubber tip is different, too. It is light brown instead of black, and is a standard style instead of the unique cylindrical/ridged tip found on Maple Horn.

This cane is most likely just a piece of clip art or a stock photo used for the artwork. House has never been seen with this cane, and it wouldn't make much sense to preview a cane that will be used in Season 6 on the artwork for Seasons 1-5. However, as it is a cane and it is displayed on an official House product, it must be included here.
Aluminum Tourist

Episodes: 2
After driving his car through Cuddy's dining room, House has found himself in prison for the last eight months, and he is now using a prison-approved aluminum cane in the season 8 opener, Twenty Vicodin. Similar to the Aluminum Offset he used while at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital at the beginning of season 6, this cane, while still carrying the potential to be used as a weapon, will not break and splinter to a sharp and much more deadly point.

When House is released in the next episode, Transplant, his Rosewood Tourist will be returned to him, along with the rest of his possessions.

Morphine Drip Stand

Episodes: 1
No Reason
House has been shot in the side and neck by a former patient, and he awakes within his own hallucination to find himself in a hospital bed on morphine. His attacker, having been shot by security guards, is wheeled in next to him.

House finds this unacceptable, so he climbs out of bed and heads to Cuddy's office to complain. Being attached by IV to the morphine stand at his bedside, he simply brings the whole thing with him and uses it for support.

Episodes: 2
97 Seconds
Wilson's Heart
Having stuck a knife in an outlet and shocked himself temporarily to death, House awakes yet again in a hospital bed. Amber comes to see him about their patient, and House tries to get out of bed but finds walking with only his cane a bit tricky at first. He leans on Amber until he regains his own balance.

Interestingly, the man who usually refuses such help from anyone will find himself leaning on his rival and female counterpart one more time. On the night of the bus crash which will ultimately lead to her death, Amber comes in Wilson's place to give House a ride home from the bar, where he has been slamming down beers and shots all night. He's so drunk that he forgets his cane, and Amber supports him on the way out of the bar.

Mop and Bucket

Episodes: 1
The Greater Good
Immediately after Cane #6 is stolen, House spots and hijacks a mop in a bucket. He probably suspects that "Blue" (Lou) the janitor was responsible for the actual act of theft (doing Cuddy's dirty work), since it was also Blue who earlier posted false "Out of Order" signs on the elevator doors (also at Cuddy's orders). He therefore accomplishes three things at once:
1) he gains a temporary walking aid until he can locate a proper substitute (Offset Aluminum);
2) he gets direct revenge on Blue by stealing his mop and bucket; and
3) he gives Cuddy a bit of passive aggressive guilt by walking into her office leaning rather pitifully on the mop, yet passing on the opportunity to pour dirty water on her carpet.