Death's Head
Death's Head

Episodes: 3+
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  • A silver skull on a black shaft.
  • By some terminology might be called a walking stick instead of a cane.
  • Was initially turned down by House in season 3 as not being his style - he opted instead for the Flame Cane at the time.
First Appearance:
Wilson's ex-wife's dog, Hector, has destroyed House's Folding Adjustable cane, so he stops in at an oddities shop to get a new one. He passes on the walking stick with a silver skull, claiming it's "too Marilyn Manson in a retirement home". This time he goes for the Flame Cane, which will be with him for a little over a year. However, it seems he didn't forget about the skull, as it is seen later on a TV Guide cover published during Season 4. It was never actually seen again on the show, though, until…
First Proper Appearance:
After a life-changing night at a disaster site in Trenton and a cane-free day at home for the season opener, House returns to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in the second episode of season 7 with a new girlfriend (his boss, Dr Cuddy) and a new cane. Maybe he was inspired by the death of a patient bringing about the birth of a new relationship, or maybe he just changed his mind and decided it was cool after all. Either way, it's good for a snide comment or two. When Taub asks "What's with the Death's Head cane?", House replies "They didn't have a Death's Ass cane in my size."
Next Appearance:
While this cane has been replaced after only two episodes (Season 7, Episodes 2 & 3) by a more generic red tourist cane, there is no reason to believe that it has been lost, destroyed, or permanently retired. It might just be waiting for a special occasion, like the Alpacca Harvest.