Walnut Tourist
Cane #3a (Walnut Tourist)

Episodes: 14
  • Wood cane made of Walnut
  • Tourist handle (a.k.a. "Hook" or "J")
  • Manufacturer: Harvy Canes
  • House's most basic and inexpensive cane
First Appearance:
Sleeping Dogs Lie
House is trying to take a nap in an exam room but Cuddy finds him and nags him to take a case while he tries to ignore her. Cane #3 is hooked over a coat rack in the foreground.
Last Appearance #1a (real):
No Reason
Cane #3 has a tricky history. It takes a brief holiday at the beginning of Season 3 when House is temporarily pain-free. The last time we see it in the "real world" is hooked over the whiteboard in the beginning of No Reason, right before House gets shot.

Last Appearance #1b (imagined):
No Reason
Complicating matters, House hallucinates on the way to the Emergency Room. In his dream he uses the cane until he realizes that an experimental Ketamine treatment for chronic pain that Cuddy has tried on him has been successful.

Cane and Able
Back in real life, House asks for the Ketamine treatment. It works, but only for a short time, and by the end of the second episode of the third season he's hurting too much to continue walking without a cane. In the final scene he opens his hall closet and retrieves Cane #3 from a golf bag inside.
Last Appearance #2:
The stress of Detective Tritter hounding him over his Vicodin use has caused a psychosomatic pain in House's shoulder. He sees a physical therapist at the hospital who confiscates Cane #3 and gives him a Quad Cane.

Walnut Tourist (Version 2)
Cane #3b (Walnut Tourist v2)

Episodes: 30
  • Exactly the same as Cane #3.
  • House's first Walnut Tourist was taken from him with no indication that he ever got it back, so we can probably assume that this is a new cane in the same style.
  • This cane (the second version of it) has appeared in more episodes than any other.
  • If one chooses to believe that this is the exact same cane House had earlier and he somehow retrieved it from the physical therapist who stole it from him, it has appeared in a whopping 44 episodes, a record not likely to be broken!
First Appearance:
The Social Contract
With no fanfare or mention of last episode's adventures with methadone, shaving, and a day or two of the cane-free life, House arrives at work and limps into his outer office with a fresh growth of scruff on his face and a new cane in his hand. His team are already discussing their new case and take no noticeable interest in the cane, but it will be heavily featured throughout the episode with close-ups, twirls, and various cool poses to give us a good look at it.
Brief Holiday:
When House checks himself into Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital at the end of Season 5, Walnut Tourist gets shelved for a while. For his stay here throughout the two-hour Season 6 opener, which is estimated to take place over a few months, House will be using an Aluminum Offset. When he leaves here in the final scene, Walnut Tourist is at his side again.
Last Appearance:
Help Me
House follows Hanna, the patient he helped rescue from the rubble of a collapsed building, to the ambulance. He limps past his cane but is distracted and forgets it on the piece of rebar in the broken wall where he hung it earlier. He'll have two new canes in the first few episodes of Season 7, so this must be goodbye for Walnut Tourist v2.