Alpacca Harvest
Alpacca Silver (Fall Harvest)

Episodes: 3 (so far)
  • Painted black wood shaft
  • Alpacca (silver/nickel/copper alloy) tourist handle
  • Handle model is named Fall Harvest, sometimes referred to as Horn of Plenty
  • House's "fancy" cane, used only on special occasions (see below)
  • House's most expensive cane - online retailers sell it new for anywhere between $160 - $250 (see The Cane Shop for a link to the cheap place!)
  • "Alpacca" is the correct spelling, as stamped on the handle. It is a trademarked name and has nothing to do with the llama-related animal (alpaca).
First Appearance:
Sports Medicine
House, using his Antique Opera cane for most of the episode, takes Cameron to a Monster Truck Rally and brings his silver-handled cane to this very special event. It is never seen in close detail in this episode, but it is safe to assume that it is the same cane we will see heavily featured in a later episode.
Second Appearance:
All In
There's an Oncology Benefit at the hospital and House and his colleagues are in formal, black-tie attire - even House is wearing a tux, although he'll quickly lose the jacket and bow-tie when he takes on a case that intrigues him.
Brief Cameo:
House's fanciest cane took a long break from the spotlight after its starring role in All In, but it finally showed up again four seasons later, leaning against Wilson's couch with a few other canes and walking sticks from House's collection.

House has been staying with Wilson since his return from Mayfield psychiatric hospital. He got the urge to play some music, so he went back to his own apartment to get his guitars and a few other items, including his small collection of backup canes and walking sticks.

It takes a sharp eye to spot them as they are only ever seen out of focus in the corner between the couch and an end table, but the black cane with the distinctively shaped silver tourist handle is unmistakably Alpacca Harvest. It's like seeing a long lost friend again, isn't it?

Also included in this pile of canes are Aluminum Offset and some as yet unidentified walking sticks.
Fourth Appearance:
Small Sacrifices
The chairman of the board at PPTH is getting married, and everyone is invited. House attends under slight protest as Cuddy's date, and along with his newly tailored tux, he brings his "fancy" cane, Alpacca Harvest.