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Big Episode for House's Canes!
House gets three new canes in one episode!

March 7th saw S07-E15: Bombshells, a wild episode filled with dream sequences which brought us a grand total of THREE brand new canes. I decided the episode deserved its own page, so check it out here:


By the way, thanks to Peanut for this great screencap of the bottom of House's Lucite cane. Is that supposed to be the [H] logo? Sure looks like it, but why is it a rectangle instead of a square? Hmmm... Also thanks to a site visitor going by the name of Gregory House for e-mailing me some Bombshells-related info before I even had a chance to look it up myself. Watch for an update on the shop page in a few days with fixed and added links to buy most of the canes seen on the show.