Bombshells [S07-E15] - One Episode, Many Canes!
Blue/White Tourist

Episodes: 1
Cuddy is having a health scare and dreams of what life might be like for her daughter in House's care. She imagines a Two and a Half Men scenario, with House as Charlie and Wilson as Alan, while young Rachel fills the position of Jake. House has a blue cane with a white stripe and collar to match his bowling shirt.
  • Light aqua-blue tourist cane
  • White stripe down left side (as seen by user)
  • White collar
  • It's hard to tell even in the Hi-Def episode file, but it looks like there might also be a very thin brown stripe on both the shaft and collar, just like House's shirt
  • Almost certainly hand-painted by the prop department
Axe Cane

Episodes: 1
This time House is the one dreaming. He's fallen asleep at his desk and finds himself in an abandoned, Zombiepocalypse version of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He encounters Zombie Chase, who attacks him (naturally), but House fights back with what appears to be his regular Rosewood Tourist cane. However, he eventually reveals it to have a spring loaded axe blade built into it. He slices Zombie Chase's head off and walks off to follow Cuddy's calls of distress.
  • Basically an enhanced version of Rosewood Tourist, as seen in the real life parts of this episode
  • Spring loaded axe blade built into bottom of shaft.
  • Blade would not realistically fit concealed in shaft, so it's some sort of special effect (probably hidden from camera behind shaft and flips sideways into view) or CGI. Hard to tell which.
Shotgun Cane

Episodes: 1
House's Zombiekilling adventure isn't over yet and his cane isn't finished surprising us. He reaches to a back pocket somewhere, pulls out some shotgun parts, and attaches them to his cane, which now forms the barrel. He blasts Zombie versions of Taub, Masters and Foreman before switching on the attached flashlight and continuing his search for Cuddy (who, unfortunately, is already being devoured by zombies by the time he reaches her).
  • Once again, it starts out as a plain Rosewood Tourist
  • House adds a forestock/magazine tube and a receiver/trigger/stock which latch onto the cane
  • The cane's shaft acts as the barrel, while the handle is the butt
Lucite Tourist

Episodes: 1
Cuddy is having a surgical biopsy to find out if she has kidney cancer, and she is understandably frightened. While under general anesthesia, she dreams of House in full-on musical style, dressed in a skull and caduceus themed tux complete with gloves and top hat. He's dancing and singing the old jazz classic "Get Happy", a song with an obvious death/afterlife theme. He starts out with a smooth, clear lucite tourist cane, which he uses much more for dancing effect than as an actual mobility aid.
  • Clear lucite (acrylic resin) tourist cane
  • Grey rubber tip
  • On the bottom is what appears to be a House/Hospital logo H-in-a-square, except it's a bit too rectangular. Not sure what else it would be, though.

Giant Candy Cane

Episodes: 1
By the end of the song and dance number, House picks up a giant, somewhat cartoonishly shaped candy cane, offers the handle to Cuddy, and pulls her around with it.
  • Giant red and white striped candy cane based on the traditional Christmas candy
  • House once accused Cameron of mocking him when she displayed real candy canes in his office during the Christmas season
  • Definitely a novelty item and not a proper walking aid
  • Probably constructed by the prop department
  • Could have been a reassigned Christmas decoration, but I'm not sure the ones they sell as decorations would be strong enough to be pulled on like this